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Protect your engine from startup wear with a small investment in prelube

We got our start in the prelube world back in the mid 90's making prelube pumps for the railroad locomotive industry. The locomotive environment is a tough one with high vibration and killer electrical spikes combined with the use of harsh cleaning agents and operator abuse. We made pumps and electronics that could put up with it for twenty years straight without anyone having to even give the pump a thought. There may be other companies out there that can sell you a prelube pump but there are none who can sell you one that is built with twenty years of hard life bred into its genes at every step of design and manufacture.

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We have heard people say that they don't need a pump that is that tough. Our pumps cost what it takes to do the job right. Sometimes this is the same or less than the consumer grade stuff because the years have taught us how to cut cost while still delivering robust construction and unparalleled quality. The price of a prelube systems is tiny compared to the cost of engine overhaul. You owe it to your bottom line to invest in the life of your engines and Varna prelube pumps are the industry standard. There is no need to settle for less.

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"Cold Start" can destroy bearing surfaces and lead to progressive failure. "Cold Start" failure is caused by lack of lubrication at startup.

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