CF Series Oil Pumps

This pump mounts to any 56C-Face, AC, DC or even Compressed air motor. It incorporates our self-contained, pressure-regulated bypass system as well as a reverse flow check valve. It will deliver 0-15 gpm (57 L/min) flow at constant pressure of 60psi (other factory settings available). The pump is supplied with a customer specified motor. Call for a price today.

Large Diesel Engine Prelube Pump

Ideal for Prelubing stand-by power installations and other large Natural Gas or Diesel gen-sets of any size. They are also used extensively in marine primary power applications. These prelube pumps will run quietly and require zero maintenance.

It is also a great oil or fuel transfer pump. In addition they make great process pumps where constant pressure or constant flow is important. With our self-contained constant pressure regulator and internal bypass, CF pumps can supply several processes running in parallel. Variations for any reason in one process will not affect the performance of any other process running simultaneously. It performs well with high viscosity oils. As a positive displacement pump it will self prime but is more efficient and quieter than a gear pump.

Features and Specifications

Wetted Materials

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WipedBearing1 (15K)

"Cold Start" can destroy bearing surfaces and lead to progressive failure. "Cold Start" failure is caused by lack of lubrication at startup.

VP70 (6K)

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